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Who will you live for?

For the third time The pastor called out for an altar call   “Stand and go forward, this might be your last chance.” A gentle voice whispered.   Just as she prepared to stand Yet another voice So gentle yet extremely persuasive whispered, “Are you sure you want to do this? You are willing to… Continue reading Who will you live for?

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Beauty Standards

We all live in a world where Everyday women are told Dress like this Make sure your makeup is on point If you’re over 60kgs Get to the gym Words like skinny, light skinned, tall, flawless Set the standard of what beauty should be Not covering acne scars and blemishes With cakes of foundation and… Continue reading Beauty Standards

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Mysterious Love

The first time I met you I was so sure you’d never look my way twice You were tall, confident and all focused But it’s the sparkle in your eye that struck me That’s the moment I knew You were definitely too good for me And my fantasies of you were all I had  … Continue reading Mysterious Love

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Gone Forever

On one cold stormy night A young girl sat on her bed And stared at the hundreds of pills before her Something she’d done for weeks now Burning tears spilled down her face As she blamed herself for everything That had happened To bring her to this point   “It’s all my fault” She said… Continue reading Gone Forever

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