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My Hole

They say holes are dark Trust me, mine is darker Filled to the brim with The endless tears streaming down my eyes Stuck without hope for freedom They say holes are scary Mine is scarier It is all wet with my blood Dripping through my wrist Rich crimson red Mixed with my salty tears They… Continue reading My Hole

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Life · Pain · Random Thoughts

The Voices In My Head

“You are not good enough” Is what he always says Every time I choose to believe in me By now am used to it I believed that ages ago “You are not beautiful enough” Is what she says Every time I look in the mirror Over thinking every scar Every stretch mark All my imperfections… Continue reading The Voices In My Head

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6 Guys I am Never Ever Dating In Life

Do know how easy life gets once you say no to bad dates or walk away from toxic relationships? The bad news is most times, we meet these ‘cool’ guys, they sweep us off our feet and we ignore all the warning signs that the guy is nothing but trouble. Even worse is we even… Continue reading 6 Guys I am Never Ever Dating In Life

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